Battle of Social Networks

Social networking has become a very popular thing to do in the past few years.  We see large companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others but which one is the best ? Which one is most user-friendly ?


Facebook is the largest social networking site ever.  It was not the first but it is certainly the biggest and many would say it is the best.  Facebook are continually changing things up, introducing timelines (which a lot of people, including myself, hate).  Facebook is the standard which has been set to judge all other social networks on, the question is:  Do the rest match up ?

Background & Overview

Facebook was launched by 4 Harvard University students in February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO), Eduardo Saverin (CFO), Dustin Moskovitz (chief technology officer and vice president of engineering) and Chris Hughes.  Facebook (then called The Facebook) was then helped along by Sean Parker (CEO of Napster).

The Facebook was origionally only for students at Harvard University but then spread out to Yale, Stanford and other Universities in the USA and then went global and (as of April 2012) has 901 million users who have registered with facebook.

You can message people, have video calls with friends, get your own facebook e-mail address and more than that also.

We have seen that it is popular but why ?  Facebook is Addictive !!  Once you join you won’t leave for a long time as so much has been introduced such as mini-games on Facebook.

Now they have went onto the stockmarket.  This hasn’t been the greatest success for Facebook but they will survive.

Facebook has been called the best, it has also been called the industry standard so lets see how others stack up against Facebook.


Twitter is the second most popular social network for some very good reasons, the main being it is brilliant.  Who doesn’t want to know what Piers Morgan had for breakfast ?

We live in a world where everyone wants an instant update on what is going on and Twitter gives us this.  If you want to know the latest update on your favourite sport but you can’t watch it i’m sure someone is doing minute-by-minute tweets and that is what I love about Twitter.

Background & Overview

Twitter was founded by 4 people, Jack Dorsey (Executive Chairman), Noah Glass (software developer and man who came up with the name), Evan Williams (Director) and Biz Stone (Creative Director).  The concept of Twitter was first called “Obvious” which was soon changed to twitter.  The CEO of Twitter is Dick Costolo.

It has been around since July 2006 and lately has been  gaining more and more users so (since April 2012) it has 500 million users.

Twitter is a form of micro-blogging so you don’t need your website only Twitter and the ability to vent your thoughts and opinions in 140 words.

Personally, I like Twitter better than Facebook.  The only thing I use Facebook for is  as a messenger which is why on my iPad I have the Facebook Messenger app but not the official Facebook app.  I don’t want Facebook I want a universal messenger service which all my friends use.  Twitter also has messages which I use a lot but Twitter is so much more user-friendly as everything is not scattered all over the place, the layout is simple and it is easy to use.


Hashtags are great.  They are an easy way of expressing how you feel.  #Ilovetwitter #grrr (I use that one a lot) and there are others.  They are usually one or 2 hashtags every day which are trending world-wide meaning everyone is using this hashtag so you can see what everyone thinks about #JusinBeiber or someone / something else


Tweeps rule, fact !

I think Twitter is better than Facebook although it is not as popular (yet).

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Google + is a baby social network as it was launched in 2011 but it is a big hit already as 250 million people have already signed up (as of June 2012).

It is another branch of Google (you couldn’t have guessed that) which is starting to pick up some speed and start taking users from Facebook and others.

Google+ Diet

This is a new phase people are going through at the minute where they only post on Google+.  They are stopping themselves from Tweeting, posting on Facebook and anything else, only using Google+.

Google+ is a great social network as you can “circle” people who you think will want to read what you “share” but I think it is almost trying too hard to be something it is not, it is trying too hard to be the new Facebook.

Twitter has taken a different approach to social networking to Facebook but Google+ hasn’t it has tried to hard to be Facebook and make money off it.


I do not think Google+ will ever be or beat Facebook or Twitter.

Overall conclusion

To conclude I believe the Social Network which has won is:



I believe Twitter is the easiest to use, has less add-ons which are not really necessary to the true meaning of social networking and its User Interface (the way it looks) is more appealing than Facebook.  It has a cleaner User Interface.

What About The Rest RyanW300 ?

Well, these 3 social networks are the ones I know most about and I use most.  There are more popular social networks (more popular than Google+) such as MySpace and the recently deceased Bebo.

MySpace are now older than most others and some may say that they are outdated but yet they are very popular but they are for a very specialized users as MySpace is mostly for musicians.

This post was for the main Social Networks and the Social Network which I believe will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.