We’ve Lost the Men

Rules-to-Always-Being-a-Gentleman2As I have grown older and (in my eyes at least) matured a little over the past few months and years i’ve noticed things change.  At the minute, courtship, marriage and manhood has been engrained in my mind.  They intrigue me greatly!  I feel I need to know about these things as I grow older in age and greater in maturity.  I’ve noticed many preachers tell us that we have lost Biblical manhood, we have lost chivalry, we have lost the gentlemen.

So I felt I should stick my thoughts down and maybe, just maybe it will benefit you men as we face 2015 and the challenges it may hold.  What follows are my thoughts on what I should aspire to be and am working towards in my own life.  Here are a few things we guys can do our lady friends  to gain back the ground that we have lost relating being a man/gentleman.

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Persevere in Prayer

Over the past week nights the Free Presbyterian Church as a whole, from Ulster and North America met at the quadrennial International Congress.  The venue was Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church, Belfast, N Ireland and the recurring theme, The Call to Battle, The Christian Armour: The Key to Successful Christian Living.

Throughout the week five very able speakers took to the Pulpit before a large congregation of eager listeners.  The one night which I want to home in on is the final night, Friday 27th June 2014.  On that night Rev John Greer, moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church’s Ulster Presbytery gave the final message of the Congress under the title The Prayers and Perseverance in the Battle.

Therefore, as it is based on a sermon preached by Rev. Greer, I can take no credit but would rather like to share what was said as I felt it was an exceptional sermon.

The reading was found in Ephesians 6 and the text could be seen as verses 18-20.

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Book – Louis Berkhof Systematic Theology


Background to Berkhof

Louis Berkhof (1873-1957) was born in the Netherlands, and his family moved to Grand Rapids when he was 9.

He graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary and Princeton Theological College.  He then returned to Calvin Theological College as part of the faculty.  He later became president of the Seminary.  He is most well known for his famous book, Systematic Theology.  

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Characteristics of God – Justice


Justice is probably the most fearsome of the Characteristics of God.  God, as he must be perfect and totally just in every way must punish sins.  This is a fearsome characteristic as there is a place called Hell prepared as a place set apart as a place where God carries out his Justice.  God is the only way of access to Heaven and peace otherwise there will be the full justice of God put upon any who does not believe.  This does not last for weeks, months or years just as jail sentences but those who do not put faith in Christ will be sentenced to Hell, the place of damnation, forever.

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Characteristics of God – Love

God has many Characteristics, He is the perfect being and therefore all of the characteristics are flawless and perfect in every conceivable way.  The first characteristic we will look at is His Love.  He was there before time itself, what a staggering thought which our finite minds cannot even comprehend.  If only we could gain a staggering 1% of the knowledge of God and his Characteristics we would be able to walk so close to Him and prove Him to others in our lives.  We would know to give Him the Glory because nothing is of ourselves – EVER !  Love is one of the most prominent of the Characteristics of God.  We all know that “God is Love” but how can we prove this.  Throughout the Bible God has shown us His love but in no greater way than through Calvary.  There are many aspects of greatness to the Love of God as His love is “so great, so vast and yet so free.”

We will be looking at three aspects of this awesome love.  His love is the eternal, boundless and constant love.

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