Characteristics of God – Justice


Justice is probably the most fearsome of the Characteristics of God.  God, as he must be perfect and totally just in every way must punish sins.  This is a fearsome characteristic as there is a place called Hell prepared as a place set apart as a place where God carries out his Justice.  God is the only way of access to Heaven and peace otherwise there will be the full justice of God put upon any who does not believe.  This does not last for weeks, months or years just as jail sentences but those who do not put faith in Christ will be sentenced to Hell, the place of damnation, forever.

Penalty for Sins

God is a God of Justice and therefore there must be a penalty for sins.   Sin is against what God wants or needs to give us access to Heaven, to get there we need perfection, something we cannot attain.  There can be multiple punishments for sin.  The first penalty is physical death.  Back in Genesis man was cursed with death and hard labour after the sin of Adam and Eve.  Now we have been allotted 70 years of life, we may or may not reach it but this is the allotted time but after our life of earth there will be death, a certain occurrence for all.  After death, as the Bible says will be the Judgement.  This is the place where God’s ultimate justice will be carried out.  If you are at the Judgement and have put faith in God and believed on Jesus after He died and gave us pardon if we would accept it you will stand before God and be judged for your actions and even the motives of those actions.  Then you will be sent to Heaven as you have put faith in God.  When you stand before the Judgement of God and have rejected Him as Saviour you will also be judged in the same manner as everyone else but the difference is that as God is full of Justice your sins must be punished as you did not accept Jesus as saviour and you never repented of sins and you are not seen as justified in Gods sight.


When justification is mentioned many fear because it is a doctrine.  It is a legal term and justification can simply been seen as God seeing us as perfect in his eyes even though we are not.  His son, Jesus took the penalty for sin by living the perfect life that we could not live and died as our substitute or replacement for us so we could have access to Heaven.  Now, if we have faith in Christ we are seen as perfect and therefore can get to Heaven.

This means that God is perfectly Just but the sacrifice of Jesus has been made so that Heaven is a possibility if we put our trust in Him because of the work of the Cross.  God’s justice was satisfied by the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross where all of God’s wrath fell upon His Son so that we could be seen as perfect and so that we would have the opportunity of going to Heaven if we put our Faith in God.


This is only a short overview of this great Characteristic.  One book which could be read to help if you want to carry out a further study is Louis Berkhof Systematic Theology.


2 thoughts on “Characteristics of God – Justice

  1. Hi John, one way some people like to summarise justification is by saying justification means that God see’s us just as if we have never sinned, even though we have. He has took our sins away if we repent or turn away from our sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. We are not going to be perfect until we get to heaven (and we only go there if we have repented and believed), we will still sin as we are still humans and sinful by nature (Psalm 51 v 5) but we are seen as perfect in Gods eyes. (Romans 6 v 23-24) Hope you understand now John 🙂

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