Characteristics of God – Love

God has many Characteristics, He is the perfect being and therefore all of the characteristics are flawless and perfect in every conceivable way.  The first characteristic we will look at is His Love.  He was there before time itself, what a staggering thought which our finite minds cannot even comprehend.  If only we could gain a staggering 1% of the knowledge of God and his Characteristics we would be able to walk so close to Him and prove Him to others in our lives.  We would know to give Him the Glory because nothing is of ourselves – EVER !  Love is one of the most prominent of the Characteristics of God.  We all know that “God is Love” but how can we prove this.  Throughout the Bible God has shown us His love but in no greater way than through Calvary.  There are many aspects of greatness to the Love of God as His love is “so great, so vast and yet so free.”

We will be looking at three aspects of this awesome love.  His love is the eternal, boundless and constant love.

Eternal Love

God has always been there, even before the conception of time itself.  He will also endure throughout all of the time of earth and even up to the time where he will show his great Justice and subsequently mercy and wrath on that awesome, fearful day of Judgement.

Just as God is eternal His love is eternal but this does not imply that when it comes to Trusting in Christ and putting whole-hearted faith in Him that His love will mean you can choose when this will happen.  God is indeed a God of Love but He also controls all and therefore you cannot control when You come to Christ.  He has paid the price and therefore we cannot negotiate or demand when or where the terms of his love are to be met.  The love is unconditional, we have nothing to negotiate with, no grounds to demand anything because we do NOT deserve any of His love.  The children’s chorus tells us “Jesus loves me, this I know” this is true and because of that love He has seen fit in His perfect providence to give us a time of opportunity where we can turn to Christ and believe on His name. We read in Genesis that “My Spirit will not always strive with man.”  This is not any injustice on His behalf, rather, the fact that we, a “desperately wicked” group of mortals have the opportunity to repent (turn away from our Sins) shows how eternal and great His love truly is.

Boundless Love

God’s love is eternal as in it will last forever but it is also boundless.  There is nowhere in this universe or any other where the Love of God cannot reach.  He can reach from the peak of the highest mountain to the depth of the deepest sea, deep into the heart of Africa to the hustle and bustle of New York City.  He can touch every heart no matter what race, gender, colour or creed with His love.  A love that makes a lasting impact on everyone who is privileged enough to be granted with.  It is the only love that knows no bounds.  We may love our family, our friends and all of our other loved ones in our lives but none of that compares how much God loves us.  He loved us so much that he gave us the opportunity to go to heaven even though we do not even deserve to live on and reject God more.  He loves us so much that He sent His ONLY begotten Son, sent Jesus to DIE for those who he created even though those creations rebelled against Him and tried to destroy what His perfection had created through the introduction of sin.

What a love, friends, what a love !

Constant  Love

In human life there may be some times where we stop our love, we have arguments and disagreements, we do not love someone as much as we used to because of many things but this is not true about God.  His love is always the most it can ever be, perfect.  There is no greater love than a perfect Love, even though we are “as filthy rags” in the sight of God, we are mortals that are deserving of nothing short of the full justice of God but still because of Gods perfect love He has provided us a way to a perfect place, the place where God dwells, Heaven.  There has been one way provided by God, not though any workings of man, our conceptualisation, concepts and blueprints, ONLY GOD and through His perfect love to get to Heaven.  Put your trust in Jesus today, yes be sorry for your sins but accept Jesus into your life and “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ”  with all of your heart, soul and mind putting full Faith in God.  Christian Friends, remember that God is Love and even though we stumble and fail at many if not all hurdles Gods Love is eternal and boundless, He will help us and will never ask us to go beyond what our abilities allow.  So remember God loves you and because of that love, tat Great love, we have access to God but only through His dead, buried and resurrected Son, Jesus Christ.


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