Characteristics of God

There are many Characteristics of God which have been revealed unto us through the Bible.  From here on over the next while there will be a series of posts on some of the Characteristics of God.  As a short introduction to this series of posts I would just like to state why this is so important.  When we become Christians one thing that we should be day-by-day is to grow more like Christ.  The best way to grow to become more like Christ is to know what He is like.  How can we be like someone we know nothing about.  This will not be extremely in-depth as it is a study of my own which I am sharing with you and I hope that the thought of the God we have blows you away just like it does for me.  The first post should be uploaded soon and if you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the posts in the series you can subscribe to our e-mail or search the category Bible Study or the Tag Characteristics.

I hope you are spoken to through the upcoming series which will hopefully begin very soon.


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