Before the Most Important Judge

One very special verse, Matthew 25 verse 46, says “And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.”  This shows us simply that there is either “everlasting punishment” or “life eternal.”  The choice is yours.

I don’t want to go to “Everlasting Punishment” !  

Well first we have to see why there is an eternal punishment.  God is as we know, a God of Love, but something we often forget is that He is also a God of Justice.  If God is a God of justice then there must be a punishment for transgressions or breaking of the law.  This is what we know in our own legal systems, if you do something wrong there is a punishment.

If we look at it in a court situation.  God is the judge here and He has the final say.  Lets say you are summoned to court because you have stolen something.  All evidence points towards you breaking the law and you plead guilty, because you are.  You tell the Judge that you are very sorry for what you have done, but even so the Judge must punish you for the broken law.  You are then given your sentence which in this case is a fine of $/£1,000,000.  You are then being walked out of the court by security when someone suddenly rushes in.  They give a small note to the Judge and he stops you from leaving.  He tells you that some guy you have never met or spoken to has just paid the whole of your fine for you.

Just like this we have broken the law of God, even if it was only one time.  In James 2 verse 10 we read “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.” This means that when we break one of Gods commandments we have in essence broken them all and therefore there must be a punishment.  It means if you have ever lied, stolen anything (even a paper-clip), looked at a man / woman with lust, or put anything in your life in front of God, you have sinned and there must be a price to pay, not now, but you will pay the punishment after death.

BUT the great news is just as someone paid the debt for you in the story above Jesus Christ paid your debt for all of your sins today.  He has died on the Cross so that your fine before God the Father could be paid, all of your sin was put on His shoulders and paid by Him, His death was enough.  Now all you have to do is Believe on Him and put your trust in Him.  Just like you would put on a parachute you must put on Jesus Christ.  You must have total faith that the parachute will work and have trust in its ability to protect and save you from death.  This is the only way to keep from going to the “Eternal Punishment” which is prepared if we do not repent (turn away) from our sinful ways and put our trust in Christ.

Are you Good Enough to Choose “Life Eternal” ?

No, you are not, and neither was I.  The Bible says “there is none righteous” and therefore we see that the only sinless one is God Himself.  We have fallen short of his standard of Perfection to go to Heaven but the good news is that we are now accepted by the death of Christ, his paying our debts, so we can now go to Heaven if we trust Him wholly.

It does not matter how bad you have been before.  You may say you are not a good person but you are never bad enough to repent.  It says in the Bible that we are “all desperately wicked” which shows that we all have the same sins because when we broke one law we broke them all.

Come to Jesus now, while there is still time because there is a cut-off line.  When you die or when Christ returns there will be no space to get saved then because your chance has been wasted and your time is up.  We do not know when either of these will happen and therefore because “The time is short” YOU must turn away from your sins, ask for repentance and trust in Christ.





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