Decisions, Decisions !!

Throughout life we all make many decisions, some more important than others ?  Drink tea or don’t drink tea ?  Go to uni for 5 years of my life ?  etc.  Those larger decisions may be life changing, but there are bigger decisions to be made, decisions which affect more than life.

Some have to make life and death decisions and I am thinking about the same?  Every decision you make starts off with a question.  This one is n0 different:

Life and Death

“What think ye of Christ ?” – These famous words have been echoed throughout history.  This question DEMANDS a decision and the answer cannot be put off, indeed the question is “for such a time as this” and demands an immediate answer.

2 Ways to Go

With many decisions there are only two answers.  Once again, this applies to my question !  If I ask you “What think ye of Christ ?”  you can either answer saying you will accept him or you will reject him. This question will also have very serious implications, one answer leads to everlasting life, the other leads to everlasting death.

Making the Right Choice ?

The majority of people on earth want to go to Heaven and have that everlasting life, and most people will tell you they are going there  but some .. have just put off answering this pressing question !  The way to make the right choice is to accept Jesus as THE Saviour, put all your Faith in Him and trust him and he will forgive and take you to Heaven WHEN you die !

When asked What think ye of Christ ?  Just remember, He DIED for YOU !  He gave His all for you so you could go to a better place and all He asks in return is for you to trust Him and he will keep you safe, pick you up when you fall and keep you walking in the right direction.


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