The Passing of Sid Waddell

Sid Waddell Doing What He Did Best

If you watch any PDC darts i’m sure you have heard of the legendary commentator, Sid Waddell.  This man was the voice of darts for many years.

Early Life

Sid Waddell was born in 1940 in Northumberland.  He used to play rugby for his school until an injury stopped his rugby career.  He then joined his schools inter-school darts team.


Sid began commentating on darts matches in 1978 where he commentated on the first World Darts Championship.

He firstly was commentating for BBC at all of the major darts events on television.  From 1994 he became an independently employed commentator but began working with Sky Sports, meaning he began commentating on PDC events.  Sid was the most well known and most loved commentator at the PDC.  After he took ill many many fans and players missed his view on a match.  He did come back for some games but he was too ill to come back to commentate on every match as he used to do in prior years.

Outside Commentating

Sid has been nominated for many prestigious awards including being nominated for Best Director at the BAFTA’s in 1992.  Sid had also written books and has had 11 of them published.

In 2004, he was the commentator for the British game show House of Games in which two families competed in various household based challenges.  He also commentated on many pool matches but will always be remembered as a darts commentator.  

Passing & Memory

Sid has struggled with Bowel Cancer for the past 11 months but sadly on 11th August, one day after his 72nd birthday Sid passed away in the presence of his family.  Sid Waddell will always be in our memories as he was the best darts commentator ever.  Some of his quotes have been immortalised such as:

“”When Alexander of Macedonia was 33, he cried salt tears because there were no more worlds to conquer…Bristow’s only 27.”

In Memory of Sid Waddell 1940 – 2012


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