A Call To Anguish

Today I have not been feeling so well, therefore I didn’t get to my church this morning.  Instead I was directed by a close friend to listen a sermon by the the late David Wilkerson from Time Square Church in New York USA.  The sermon is called “A Call To Anguish.”

It has got me thinking:

  • Is there true prayer in our Churches ?

There was once a minister who told his prayer meeting not to pray unless they knew that they were praying to the only true, almighty, all powerful God !  That is what we need.  Remember who we are praying for.  The strongest weapon in the Christians arsenal is the prayer.  “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit.”  (Ephesians 6 v 18).  In our prayers is there an anguish for souls to be saved, for the blessing of God almighty!  Is there an anguish or is there a concern for souls.  If we have concern we half-heartedly want souls saved.  If we anguish we will stop at nothing to save souls.  We will pour out our souls to God Almighty.  We will see souls saved and our churches renewed.

We must take all self and sin from our prayers.  We must remember times of great revival and pray for another of these great movements of almighty God in our own lands.  There may be revival in other countries around the world and we must thank God for that but what about ourselves ?  The revival has came to those other countries and churches because of their Anguish and crying out to God.

Let us go and “Pray without ceasing” for this is how people are saved, we pray for the Sprit of God to speak to souls and do not get discouraged because God will speak in His own time as he knows what will happen and will know the perfect time to speak.

  • Spare Time

This is a problem for me as well as others I know.  Do we let the Devil beat us in the battle for man soul throught the television.  Will we run away from God by staying at home and not working for Him when we know there are millions marching mindlessly to a lost eternity.

Think about it.  Those ones you love are going to a place where fire rules, a place which will be thrown into more fire, a place which keeps you from them.  They are going to Hell and what are you doing about it ?  What am I doing about it ?  In our guidebook, the Bible, if we look at Matthew 16 v 18 we read:

“And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  This verse says about the rock.  The rock is not Peter but the rock is Christ.  This is a mistake made by many people but in reality Christ is the rock, the foundation of the church, the rock which will test the ages of time.

Here we can also see where God has placed us.  We are at the Gates of Hell.  Our job is to take those marching towards Hell and turn them towards Heaven.  Therefore, are we doing our jobs ?  Let us go forward together and begin our work to keep those who are unsaved out of that terrible place where they are marching towards.

  • Are you Unsaved ?

If you are unsaved, you now know where you are marching towards.  You are not going to heaven if you are unsaved !  Doesn’t this frighten you ?  If you wait on, thinking you will “do a deal” with God YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.  I was no different from you before God saved me.  It says in the Bible: “There is none righteous” apart from Jesus Christ Himself.  But we are not only told that we are going to Hell but we are also told how to turn to Heaven.

To get to Heaven we have to “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.”  It may seem simple and it is.  You only have to believe.  God is the judge at the end of time.  He sent His son to pay the penalty that is yours.  He paid the penalty and now all He asks of you is to believe on Jesus who has set you free and you will be free indeed.  The price has been paid and now all you have to do is believe and then give your life to God and He will be there to help you through all of your life.  He will “never leave” you or “forsake you.”

Just think, someone (Christ) died for you and you have to repent of those sins you have committed and believe on Him to be able to win that ultimate prize of Heaven.

For Such A Time As This – We Need Anguish


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