Iron Man 3 Is Coming Soon, Sooner than You Think Possibly

At comic-con International in San Diego this year Robert Downey-Junior strolled down Hall H, with his Iron Man glove, and showed us all a reel of footage from Iron Man 3.  This has always been a very good way for Marvel Comics to promote their new movies.  This is quite stunning as Iron Man 3 has only started production lately.

This Movie Reel also shows us that in Iron Man 3 there will be a new villain for Tony Stark to defeat (i’m presuming the hero will win).

There is another upgrade to the Iron Man Suit again which looks great but isn’t that different from the original suit they have changed the colours around so that where the red used to be there is now gold and vice versa.

This movie should be hopefully as good as the first two but only time will tell that.

Robert Downey Junior also gave his fans a few minutes to judge a competition of who was the best dressed young Iron Man, the video is below.


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