Is The Post-PC Revolution Over Or Has It Just Begun ?

Without doubt there is a Post-PC revolution.  If you are not into watching Apple Keynotes (I am) you may not know what the Post-PC revolution and what a Post-PC world is, this will be explained later on in this post.  We have heard from firstly Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook about the post-pc world.  Now there is no doubt Apple is “leading that revolution.”  There is no doubt about this because of some reasons which again will be explained later on.

What is a Post-PC World ?

A post PC world is a world in which the desktop computer is not your primary computer.  What this means is that you can do everything on a mobile device that you can do on a desktop computer.

This is a world which our mobile devices are just as good as our iMacs, Windows 8 PC’s all computers running Linux and also other Operating Systems on your desktop computer.

The mobile devices, laptops, netbooks and desktop computers are equally as brilliant as the other.

Who Began the “Revolution” ?

This revolution began some years ago, it began when nobody knew it began.  It began in October 2001.  What happened in October 2001 ?  The iPod was invented!  Apple began the revolution.  We have seen through history Apple is the company of innovators.  The same Apple that began the portable computers (laptops) mobile phones which were not larger than bricks and also tablet devices.

iPod And A Post-PC World

On 23 October mobile devices were truly born.  The music industry was revolutionized, the world was changed and people took interest in the new gadget to rule the world for the next decade and for longer.

There were little MP3 player-like devices but they were not as advanced as this new iPod.

It was great !  It was loved ! It was revolutionary !  And still is !

iPhone’s take over

Since the original iPhone was invented in 2005 the world of touchscreen’s has taken over.  Every new device now has a touchscreen and the first proper device with a touchscreen which worked well was the iPhone.

Many millions of iPhones have been sold and is the most popular phone in the world even though Android on phones is more popoular than iOS on a phone.

The iOS that the iPhones (iPad’s and iPod Touches)  use is the most advanced mobile operating system in the world.  This means that that the Operating System is getting more and more like the desktop operating system with every new iOS update (iOS 6 is being released soon making iOS even more like Mac OS.


Since the beginning of iOS devices Apple has sold over 315 million iOS devices which are iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads.  This is a stunning number.  iOS is obviously a worldwide hit.

The iPad is the first tablet device which has changed the world when we didn’t even know it.

Tom Bradley from PC World said about the iPad “  The iPad is so ubiquitous, and so entwined in mainstream culture already, that it is hard to imagine a time without it.”

This is a great thing now that it is “entwined in mainstream culture” we can create more apps so that we can integrate iOS and OS devices again.

Why Do I only Speak of Apple ?

Apple are the leaders of innovation in all of their industries, the mobile phone, tablet, music player and other industries.  Other companies take what Apple has invented and try to make it better, but one thing they forget, people love Apple because everything is integrated into each other, you can use your iPhone alongside your Macbook Air, your iPad alongside you iMac and people who have more than one Apple device love that as it is so easy to use and very helpful for people who like to use those devices.

The App Store

There are over 585,000 apps on the App Store and there have been over 25 BILLION apps downloaded.  The App Store is crucial to a Post-PC world as with this we can have the same applications on our mobile devices as our desktop devices.  What does this mean ?  We can do the same things on the same applications on different devices.


iCloud is also essential to a Post-PC world now we can store all of our music, documents, movies etc in the cloud.  We can also sync our iPads and Macs which makes all things easier to do so you can start a document on your iMac and leave to go to the coffee shop and finish your document.  The documents also update almost automatically.

The Future And Conclusion

In the future, I believe that all of our devices will be so integrated we can do everything on a phone than we can do on our desktop computers.

I think this will become the industry standard, the era of Desktop Computers ruling the world is nearing its end and mobile devices are looking as though they will beat the computers.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing.  It will be sad to see our old friends leave us but there is a time to live and a time to die.  The little guys are going to have their turn now to try to impress us and they seem to be doing a good job.


10 thoughts on “Is The Post-PC Revolution Over Or Has It Just Begun ?

  1. For a tech geek this must all sound very cool, but for the average Joe who sits in work all day behind the desktop computer this would be a nightmare… Its a matter of posture my friend, imagine what this will do to peoples backs, instead of sittying behing the desktop computer we will be splayed out on sofas slouched and Zombiefied on these little tablet devices whereas if we wern’t heading into the post-pc era we would retain our wonderful desktop friends, sit upright in our chairs and keep good posture.

    In other words. Thanks Apple, you are going to create a generation with terrible posture.

  2. But with voice recognition systems you could go out for a walk and still create your documents through speech. Therefore they don’t have to be “splayed out on sofas slouched” (Nice alliteration by the way). No that wasn’t the point. People who sit straight up in chairs are creating good posture, the back should never be straight sitting down. so when lying down on sofas it is alright so its actually creating good posture.

    • I was trying to make a joke… You evidently are predjudice against me….. When you slouch in a chair it is not good for posture… Wow, why so serious? As a joker once said…

  3. I sit on the fence and close to my laptop, I am wary about what is alleged to be the future of technology. When the wheel is invented can you really improve on the wheel? Over complexity, expense and restriction could reverse any technological advances.

  4. In my opinion, there isn’t a true post pc world. The iPads and iPhones have nowhere near the processing power of a desktop of the same price. As well as this, laptops which can contain considerable amounts of power, are undoubtedly more difficult to navigate and reach the outcome you are attempting to find than a desktop. Even Apple, the leaders of the revolution haven’t found the perfect combination yet.

    The race has just begun!
    Has surface found it?

  5. The iPads and iPhones have nowhere near the processing power of a desktop YET! Maybe in a few years but. They haven’t found the perfect combination but they will get there. No surface has not found it! Surface isn’t powerful enough yet. It will take years to develop better processors for both mobile and desktop devices as well as better technology to put more RAM etc into mobile devices but some are getting there. I think the Retina Display iPad and Macbook Pro was one good step closer to the Post-PC world.

  6. Surface isn’t powerful enough, it has an i5 quad core and 4+ gigs of ram. Although I believe that it isn’t the perfect combo. In my opinion an iPad allowing mouse compatibility and a USB port would be very close to the perfect combo. This along with extra power would allow applications such as After Effects or Final Cut Pro

    • I disagree, I believe the point of an iPad is that it doesn’t need a mouse, I would say a USB port (preferably the same as is on the new Macbook Pro) would be helpful. I think if it is going to be anyone it will be Apple. Throughout the years they created products closely integrated with each other. When the iTunes was released it drove iPod sales which in turn drove iMac sales, this is why Apple believe hardware and software should be tightly integrated (which they do well).

  7. Yes but mouse COMPATIBILITY for at home or on a desk would be useful to help complete the more awkward tasks and touching a screen all the time gets annoying. I believe it will be apple too.

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