Is Atari Still Truly Alive After 40 Years ?

Atari is one of the worlds great video game creators.  It gave us video games such as “Pong” and “Missile Command.”  Their job was to create unforgettable games and they certainly did that and in going so made a lasting impression on all our gaming experiences.  We bring you back to arcade games to see how Atari (although not the first video game creator) was influential in making video gaming a very big industry.

Some of the most innovate people in the world began working at Atari, people such as Steve Jobs who was employed as a young man by then Atari Chief Designer (he designed Pong) Al Alcorn.

Atari also (kind of) gave us Activision, a company who now make some of the most recognisable games in the world  such as the Call of Duty series, the James Bond series and others such as the Guitar Hero series, as 4 of Atari’s former game developers started this great gaming company we all know and love.

But one real question is that in a world that is taken over by 1st person shooters and has gone away from the arcade-type games, is Atari still relevant and able to compete with todays market 40 years on ?

Atari, as all companies has had its ups and downs and it is having quite a “downer” right now as other companies like Nintendo’s own games, Sega, Microsoft, Activision, Ubisoft and others have taken over but there is still some room for another and if not i’m sure we can find one from that list for Atari to kill 😀

I believe that Atari, being one of the best gaming companies ever, is still relevant and should still be relevant.  The classic games of 40 years ago are still special to many people both old and younger.  Many people enjoy playing some Space Invaders, Missile Command or playing PacMan on your Atari 2600!

Although we do not hear much of Atari now-a-days ever since it was taken over by a French company changing the name to Atari SA, Atari is a great company, and great companies know how to re-invent themselves to suit the current market, they know what will sell and I believe Atari is such a special company that it will live on.  It will take years to re-build and will also take the right people building, people who take risks, people who think outside the metaphorical box, to turn Atari around and bring it back to its former glory, I think that is what everyone really wants.

They have proved themselves in the past, the Atari 2600 alone sold 30 million units and is debatably one of the best games consoles ever made by any company.

We don’t want Atari to die !  We have taken so much enjoyment and happy memories from Atari games so why should we want it to die ?  I believe there is still hope.



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