Microsoft Windows Phone 8, can they catch up with iOS and Android ?

The New Windows Phone

As we all know, Apple’s iOS is the most advanced OS (operating system) on the market today, Android has sold more phones (as Android runs on most phones created by Samsung, Nokia etc in the past 2-3 years).  Microsoft are now trying to slot in where Blackberry and RIM used to be and trying to dethrone the 2 kings of the phone markets, the question is can they do it?

2 days ago Microsoft released the Windows Surface Tablet and now they have released the follow-up phone, Windows Phone 8.  Windows Phone (this part is for developers) is now compatible with C and C++ as well as HTML 5 like it did with the Windows Phone 7, which could be useful for all you developers out there.

For all of you Windows Phone 7 users you will not be able to automatically upgrade to WP8 so that is some bad news for you.

There is a new GUI (Graphical User Interface) interface throughout the whole phone.  There is also Nokia Map technology and also a so much more which seems to be very similar to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

I do not have much information on it yet but i’m sure that closer to the release date which is in the Autumn (or the Fall for you Americans) some time 🙂


3 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows Phone 8, can they catch up with iOS and Android ?

  1. Firstly iOS is not the most advanced OS, it is the most advanced MOBILE operating system and the Windows Phone 8 is a replica of the newly released Windows 8 Operating System, this offers the ultimate compatibility between devices, beating Apple in the race for what they have been aiming to do for the past 5 years with the release of iOS and most recently Mountain Lion. The Windows Surface tablet along with the Windows Phone 8 is the ultimate combination, the question is, Will Microsoft release a Windows 8 PC designed for the desktop to complete the Ultimate Trio?

  2. That first part was a typo I meant to say it was the most advanced mobile OS .. Yes I know it is a replica. I disagree I think that through iOS 6 and Mountain Lion, through iCloud and documents throughout the cloud your OS and iOS devices are c ompletely compatible and Apple beat them to it by a few days. I don’t think it is the “ultimate” combination. I personally don’t like the Windows 8 GUI which is very important to me. No Microsoft will release a Windows 8 PC which will sell a few but there is not an Ultimate Trio to complete as Microsoft is below the standard that Mac OS X Mountain Lion and iOS as well as Linux has set.

  3. Furthermore, there are not enough people using Windows phones or tablets to be able to make it be an ultimate combination as there are too many desktop computers and not enough modern Post-PC devices.

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