Is Microsoft Windows really as Cheap as Everyone Thinks?

Mac vs Windows (Again)

In the early days at when there was only Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack and a few others Apple was created so that people did not have to build the circuit boards for their computers, to make it so not only “geeks” or “nerds” could use it productively and also that “normal” 9-5 working class people could pay for it.  As we know Apple products are now expensive!  The new Macbook Pro with Retina Display is over $1000 but how long are you going to use your Macbook is one question you should ask. Are you going to be using it for the next 5 years?  You NEED to know!!

Apple at their conference, WWDC, officially announced their new software update for their Mac range, OS X Mountain Lion.  They also told us that it would cost Mac Users $20 which is very inexpensive for a whole software update.  The developer preview for OS X Mountain Lion is apparently very close to the final product.

OS X Mountain Lion

With hardware and Apple we see that is expensive but the software updates are inexpensive.  On the other hand we see that the Microsoft hardware, made by many different companies such as Dell, is not expensive.  What about their software updates?  Are they cheap enough to call the whole Windows package cheap ?

Microsoft has told us that they are going to release Windows 8 (There is already a free preview out there).  We have not been given a price yet but when we see that Windows OEM’S (Original Equipment Manufacturer) buy Windows 7 Home premium for $50 each we see that it is not as inexpensive as we see.  If you need to upgrade your PC from XP or Vista etc (which you probably should) you will have to buy it yourself obviously.

Most PC users will have to do this. They will have to pay, for exactly the same software, $109 for it (the RRP is $119).  If you are not upgrading to the Home Premium version you will have to upgrade to the Professional or Ultimate versions.

Windows XP went off the market in 2008 but if you had bought your computer for around £250 you will have to spend at least £75 to upgrade to the to-be old software, Windows 7.  We do not know how much it will be to upgrade again to Windows 8 after your Windows 7 upgrade.

So, if you are going to use your PC for the next at least 4 years you will upgrade again and again and if trends continue the price of Windows software will rise and rise and rise again but Mac software is predicted to become free very soon.  This means you will soon be spending the same amount of money on Windows software updates than a whole Mac and all its £15 and possibly soon-to-be free software updates!

Is the Windows 8 software able to match the OS X Mountain Lion software ?  Well, we don’t know yet but we do know that Apple’s software is the most advanced software out there so far and at the minute in both the desktop and mobile platforms they are playing catch-up with everyone else.


13 thoughts on “Is Microsoft Windows really as Cheap as Everyone Thinks?

  1. Apparently Microsoft will now allow Windows Vista or XP PC’s to work therefore you have to upgrade by 2013, I am not sure if this is correct or just a rumour but Microsoft will not allow people to use the same software in 10 years time and besides there couldn’t be much life left in Vista I would think there couldn’t be 10 years left in it without it dying. Is it not beginning to play up on you ?

  2. Firstly Apple is a Hardware company, Microsoft is a software company. Apple charge $999 for their cheapest computer that is not a tablet or phone. Apple’s new operating system updates every year at an average cost equivalent to $30 today. Windows updates every 3-5 years and even for the most advanced computer users it is not necessary to update to the newest windows after every release. So if you spend $150 updating your Windows in 8 years, with Apple to get support you must upgrade every 2 updates, Apple support for OS X 10.5 Leopard is not currently available and 10.6 Snow Leopard’s official support will cease to exist after the summer so therefore every 8 years it will cost you around $120 minimum. You don’t even have to upgrade windows every 2 times as official support for XP is still available. Apple’s hardware may be great although if you spend $500 on a laptop you will receive very reliable hardware with a often much more powerful system than Apples $999 MacBook with a 1.6GHz processor. The software in the long run will end up being slightly more expensive on the side of Microsoft although your current PC will last you longer with Windows as many reports suggest a dramatic decline in computer speed after an Apple software Upgrade.

  3. Apple is a software company as well as a hardware company. Yes Apple charge $999 for a great, sorry, the best designed computers and the best software. No the iOS software updates are all free and the software for the Mac is getting cheaper and cheaper and the minor updates are also free. Yes it is not necessary but a lot people who use computers in work like to use the most updated software and also you will have to spend more updating $150 if Microsoft is killing off the old OS’s then you will need to update like Jim Fitz who is running Vista so if he updates to XP and it is killed off then he will have to spend more money updating to Windows 7 and you can see where I am going here. But XP will not be available for very long is what I was saying. I disagree as we all know the MacBook is the best laptop on the market especially the new generation MacBook, which is great and has better processors and Kepler Graphics (nvidia).

    A lot of Apple users will upgrade as soon as a new product is released as many people who use Apple are on a contract (with iOS devices). Therefor a minority of people will have slower software upgrades !!

    By the way I was not saying that PC was more expensive I was stating that Microsoft is not as cheap as everyone sees them.

      • Do you know that it will stay as a random rumour or is that your opinion. I think it is going to happen, i’m sure it will happen. Microsoft is not as cheap as it says on the box but I agree and did never disagree that it is cheaper than Apple. Steve Jobs once said about Microsoft in the 1990’s that the Windows operating system was “the inferior product” at this time compared to Mac, UNIX and OS/2 operating systems.

    • How can you honestly believe that about the 1990s, Apple were nobodys in the 90s. Apple’s OS X Operating System is almost a direct copy of Linux, it uses the same code with a few refinements, most of their updates are reflections of updates in Linux.

      Mac’s are mainly used for creative purposes, i.e video and music creation. On mac, in the long run, video editing was a lot cheaper and is therefore used more but since Avid has offered a direct transfer from Final Cut Pro to Media Composer or Symphony, Final Cut’s user database has fallen dramatically proving that it is not the best software, and Apple’s Logic Pro is not the one that is used most, it is either Ableton Live or Pro Tools again showing their software is not the best.

      Everything here you are saying are opinions, would you care to back them up with some evidence so they can have some validity.

  4. Apple were not nobody’s in the 90’s they were beaten by Microsoft as all other tech companies. Steve Jobs left Apple for 11 years when Sculley and Amelio were spending money on nothing but rubbish. They had to buy Jobs’ NeXT to get him back as CEO. (Refence: Steve Jobs: By Walter Isaacson)

    Apple has modified the Linux operating system (which is a very good operating system) and tweaked it to make the GUI nicer etc. Also, Mac OS X is based on BSD (Berkley Software Distribution or Berkley UNIX) branch so some linux commands will work but not all of the commands will work so they had to make their own commands. (Reference: Wikipedia and

    I agree with you that Mac’s are usually used for creative purposes. I do not really know a lot about Final Cut Pro X to be honest, maybe you could e-mail me about it more. I would honestly think that the Adobe package for editing would be better but I hear that Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are very good and used by the top studios in the world. Some reviews of Final Cut Pro X have said the software is “just awesome” and there are more like that.

    It is not all opinion at all there are facts there, I have not made up the prices, I have not made up the calculations from thin air and yes, I admit some of it is speculation, next time I will know to put more facts in for you CalvynS !

  5. You appear to be coming to more of a compromise that OS X is not the only good OS available. Now you may write you articles in more of a open minded trail of thought rather than a dictating one.

  6. I do know that OS X is not the only good OS available, Linux is also good. I may but I will always believe that Microsoft is inferior and furthermore not very innovative as they tend to copy everyone else’s work or else just innovate products which do not work. They have copied many companies such as Nintendo, Sony and Apple etc. I’m sure any Nintendo fan could back me up on this point ?

    • Thats rather hilarious, ever here of a lie? as Rw300 stated they have sold a lot less than the magnificent Nintendo Wii, 95.85m – 65.8m = 30.05m more sales yet you claim “Xbox 360 has been more successful than all of its competitors” Absoloutely preposterous.

  7. Microsoft just copied VMS and slapped on a GUI to make VMS look more appealing that it would without a GUI. Also that is not true, Nintendo’s Wii has sold 95.85 million units and Xbox 360 has sold 65.8 million I believe. Also, PS3 is not that far behind the 360 with 63.9 million units sold.

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