UK Open Prelims, Round 1 and Round 2

And so begins the UK Open once again.  The first match of the night is Tony West’s match.  The Prelim rounds are first to four legs.  I’m sorry but this will mostly be updating the main stage only 😦

The players are on the stage now.


Tony West is throwing first against Brugoine who is one of the less experienced players here at the UK Open.

Tony West has gone 1-0 up and is throwing quite well.

West goes up 2-0.

Now it is 2-1 to West after Brugoine wins his first leg of the UK Open.

Tony now has gave Brugoine the chance to take out 160 but he didn’t take it out but brought himself down to 42.

And Brugoine makes it 2-2 after checking out 18.

On Board 2 Dennis Ovens is 2-1 up.

West does not take out his checkout and is punished by Brugoine making it 3-2. We are a leg away from a former Matchplay Champion going out in the first match.  This could be a great upset.

FIRST 180 OF THE UK OPEN – Tony West hits his first but he is still 3-2 down, this means a lot to this man.

Brugoine for the match, but does not check out and West gives another chance to Brugoine to win the match.

Tops for West but he doesn’t take it out and he leaves himself on D5 if he comes back.

Oh dear West misses D5 and leaves himself on D1 if he comes back.



Steve Beaton is next on the main stage.

Dennis Ovens won 4-1.

Beaton vs Jukes has started and it is 0-0 so far.

Jukes has hit a 180 in the first leg.

Sloppy first leg concerning doubles.  Steve busts himself.

Finally it is 1-0 to Jukes.

Jukes opens leg to with 129 (T20,T20,T3)

Beaton is not playing his best game.

On another match the Muffin Man is through !!

Jukes is winning 2-0 now, we could see another upset tonight.  Firstly a World Master and possibly a World Champion next.

Beaton hits 140.  Beaton now on 56 while Jukes is on 186.  Beaton checks out 56 its 2-1 now.

In leg 4 Beaton opens up with 180, third of the UK Open main stage.  Beaton on  128 and Jukes on 14.  Beaton misses but Jukes hits his double 7, 3-1 UP TO JUKES.

Beaton once again opens up with 180 and then 140

Board 2 Steve Farmer is drawing 2-2.  Only 1 out of 12 double attempts for Beaton.

D18 for the Match for Jukes but he misses.  After over 15 missed darts Beaton hits Double 2.

Double 16 for the Match for Jukes but he misses.


Kevin McDine wins his match 4-0.


Aaron Monk is 2-0 Up against Boulton.  Looking good this young man.

Boulton takes a leg it is now 2-1.

Steve Farmer is out as well.

Monk on 25 but Boulton is way back but still on a finish.  Monk is winning 3-1.

Monk has missed Tops for the match.  Boulton hits bull to go 3-2.  This is quite a slow but exciting match.

Boulton on 140 and Monk on 168.  Boulton misses D10 to draw 3-3.  Monk misses D4 for the match.

Bouton now drawing 3-3 with Monk.  Monk wins 4-3 tighter match than I anticipated

The next match is Steve “The Bomber” Brown vs Bernard .. Steve is a good player, don’t underestimate him.

Steve Brown is 1-0 up. Both Players are on 25.  Steve Brown goes 2-0 up after hitting Double 4.  Not great on the doubles tonight either player.  Steve Brown on 52 and checks out it is now 3-0.  Steve hits a 180 and Bernard is on 54 to get his first leg on the board.  He hits it and it is now 3-1.

It is now 3-2.  Steve Brown could be going out if he doesn’t pick up soon.  Bad throw from Bernard only hits 40 .. Steve Brown takes out his 40 to win his match against Michael Bernard.  Steve is another to get into round 1.

Gino Vos vs Paul Harvey coming up next .. I think Gino will win this one but we will see there has been more than one upset already tonight, not to say there won’t be another one.

Nigel Heydon beat Paul Critchley 4-0 Paul averaged 40 tonight poor showing from him.

Josh Jones beats Mark Spencer 4-0 Looks to be a good young player.


Gino Vos is 2-1 up and playing very well. Wow Gino is 3-1 up.  Both players on 61.  Harvey takes it out .. 3-2 to Vos he has the throw for the match.

Vos takes out 64 and wins the match 4-2.  He is a very good young player I think we will be seeing a lot more of him in years to come.


Now it’s the turn of “The Count” Ted Hankey, he hasn’t been doing well although he has only been in the PDC 5 months but he could surprise us all tonight.  Ted is playing Danny Dutson who is one of the Speedy Qualifiers.

Hankey vs Dutson has begun .. Hankey is 1-0 up against Danny

The winner will play Andy Jenkins in round 1.

Hankey hits D20 to take a 2-0 lead “no hanky-panky here yet tonight.”  Danny Dutson just cannot keep up with Ted .. Ted is not being challenged not to take away from his winning so far .. Ted Hankey takes out 80 with D20,D2O to go 3-0 up 🙂

Ted hits his first 180 of the match .. he is averaging 94 so far not bad.  Ted wins his match 4-0.  He faces Andy Jenkins in Round 1.


That is the end of the Prelims on the main stage .. Three will Probably be a break now and the updates for round 1 will be in a new blog post  🙂 Thanks for reading !


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