Euro 2012 Preview

Tomorrow, Friday 8th June the Euro’s begin.  Ukraine and Poland will host Euro 2012 but former England player Sol Campbell has advised England fans to stay at home and watch the matches on TV.  This is because we have been told of trouble in Ukraine and Poland as well as racial abuse against players and fans by groups in Ukraine and Poland.

Round 1

One interesting match is England vs France.  France will win this match but I think they will start slowly in this competition but win 2-0.  England is too hyped up and until the team pulls together and starts to get better they will never reach the final never mind winning anything.

Furthermore another interesting match is Portugal vs Germany.  This will be a tight match but I predict Germany will win 1-0 but both teams are capable of winning the whole competition. These teams are in a group with Netherlands and so this is the hardest group (Group B) in the Euro’s and unfortunately for Denmark they are stuck in the middle of these great teams.

Another highly-anticipated match is Spain vs Italy.  In 2006 Italy won the World Cup and in 2010 Spain won the World Cup so this match could be seen as the clash of the champions.  Both teams are very capable of winning both the Euros and in 2 years time win the World Cup, we will have to wait and see.

Group A

I think that the winner of Group A will be the Czech Republic, this team is very under-rated but are a great team with (as we have seen at the Champions League Final) a world class goal-keeper.I think the table will end up like this:

1.  Czech Republic

2.  Russia

3.  Poland

4.  Greece

Group B

The winner of this group will be tough, but I think Netherlands will just win with Germany close behind.I think the table will end up like this:

1.  Netherlands

2.  Germany

3.  Portugal

4.  Denmark

Group C

On first looks Spain is almost certain to win this group, they are certainly favourites, but Italy will not be far away either.  I think the table will end up like this:

1. Spain

2. Italy

3.  Republic of Ireland

4.  Croatia

Group D

I think that France will win this group without any problems as I see no team that can stop them from England, Sweden and the Ukraine. I think the table will end up like this:

1.  France

2. Ukraine

3.  England

4.  Sweden


Netherlands vs Czech Republic (Netherlands win 2-0)

Spain vs France (Spain win 2-1)


This match will be a replay of the World Cup final in 2010.  This will be a great match.

Final Score : 1-1 (Spain win on penalties)



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