UK Open Preview

Tomorrow is the Speedy Services UK Open and I cannot wait. The first round is the best of 7 legs.  The UK Open starts at 3:00 PM with the first preliminary match on the main stage.

This match is Tony West vs Michael Burgoine.  I think Tony will win this one.  I predict that Tony West is going to have a good UK Open.  I think that Tony West will get to Round 4.

One match that will be interesting will be Glen Durant’s match.  Glen is one of the 17 Rileys qualifiers.  I have never seen him play but I hear he could possibly turn some heads in the UK Open and furthermore in the months and years to come.

Another match on  the main stage is Ted Hankey.  “The Count” has not had a very good run lately since he came to the PDC and I think that he is going to go out quite early, not in the first round but he will go out early.  Ted says that he is eagerly awaiting the UK Open as he proposes he can do some damage here after his best weekend on the Pro-Tour in Crawley.

In Round 2 Mark Webster is playing Johnny Haines.  I think that Mark will play well and will go far.  I can see Mark Webster having a very good year this year.  I conjecture “Webby” will win some event this year, possibly the Grand-Slam of Darts, just not this one unfortunately for him.

Ted Hankey can possibly face Mervyn King in Round 2 and I think this could be the downfall of Ted Hankey as Mervyn King is in quite good form at the minute.

Then is the third round where the top 32 in the UK Open Order of Merit will come into the mix. Players such as Simon Whitlock, Dave Chisnall, Justin Pipe and of Course Phil Taylor are all very capable of winning this tournament outright.  I think that these 4 mentioned players will be seen in at least the quarter finals on Sunday.  My prediction is that the winner will be one of these four players, I think (and hope) that Simon Whitlock wins the UK Open this year as I think if he wins one tournament it will make him very hard to beat in the rest of this year, remember he is a WORLD FINALIST (and that was his first year).

Another player not to underestimate is Dave Chisnall.  After his storming the stage at Crawley at the Pro-Tour and winning both the Saturday and Sunday event, this young man is ready for any match against any player (including you Phil Taylor :))

Another good name to put your money on is Dean Winstanley.  “Deano” is a great player who can turn up and win a tournament like this.  He is a player that is often underestimated but I think we will definitely see him on Saturday in Round 4/5.  This could come as a shock to many of the big names in the mix (even though Deano is placed 14 in the Order of Merit.

Of course we cannot forget last years winner, James Wade, who is never out of a tournament until we actually see how he plays on the day.

So these are My Predictions


Simon Whitlock, Dave Chisnall, Justin Pipe, Phil Taylor, Raymond Van Barneveld (he still has some fight left in him), Dean Winstanley, Brendan Dolan (WHAT!! Yea that was a surprise wasn’t it) and James Wade


Simon Whitlock, Dave Chisnall, Raymond Van Barneveld, Phil Taylor.


Simon Whitlock vs Dave Chisnall


Dave Chisnall


Simon Whitlock



5 thoughts on “UK Open Preview

  1. Bit of a silly prediction thinking Whitlock has the mental compacity to defeat Dave Chisnall who has a splendid record of 4 wins vs the Wizard…. Think you might be wrong in your assumption that Hankey will loose to King, 2 time World Champion vs A what, no time major winner, easy choice don’t you think???

  2. I don’t think it is a “silly prediction” as Simon Whitlock has shown before he can play well he was runner-up in the World Championship vs Phil Taylor (PDC), unlike Chisnall in his first year in the PDC and also a very good run in the Premier League after everyone had written him off. No I think that Ted Hankey will lose to Mervyn King if he indeed plays King which is not a certainty, just a probability. I do not think Hankey is playing well enough to play Mervyn King. Mervyn King did after all hit a 9-darter at the UK Open in 2010 (not saying he will again) but again he has the ability to do so.

    • “written him off” Balderdash, don’t lie to your audience, many thought Whitlock was in with a huge chance of winning the PL, many polls held over various websites back up that fact. Whitlock unlike Chisnall lost to Phil Taylor in the Worlds, Whitlock wobbled with fear when facing Taylor and was unrelentingly annhilated, the two can’t be correctly juxtaposed as Whitlock had an easy run in the worlds. And don’t forget Chizzy is a runner up in a world championship as well, defeating the very best in Tony O’shea, Ted Hankey and narrowly loosing to the master of the BDO Martin Adams, a fantastic player who’s record vs Whitlock speaks for itself.

      • Firstly, I wasn’t lying to the “audience” all views are my own. After the first few weeks of the Premier League Whitlock wasn’t playing well and people predicted that Whitlock was going out and Gary Anderson was going to stay in and come at least third and look what happened. Yes Whitlock “wobbled” every player “wobbles” (you are going to say apart from Chisnall) but yes Chisnall has beat Taylor twice but Taylor is still a better player. Yes Chizzy is runner up in “A” world championship not THE World Championship.

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