Super Mario Bros.

In this new Super Mario Bros. game you (as in your Mii) can be in the game along with Mario and Luigi.  This is a new feature that Nintendo has brought to the Wii U to enhance the gaming experience for the users.

There is not much information out yet about the game but we know it is built specifically for the Wii U and its new controller system.

Now you can have five players all at the same time.  All enjoying the Wii U and Mario in all their glory.

We are told that there are a lot more coins now for you to collect and the levels will be even more enjoyable for everyone to enjoy.

They are also taking advantage of the new social features on the Wii U so you can communicate inside the game to the people you are playing with over the internet.

Follow the link below for the demo of the new Super Mario Bros. Game:


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