June Sixth 1944 – Remembering D-Day 68 Years Later

On this day, the 6th June, in 1944 the largest amphibious military operation in history took place when the allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy in France.  This military operation was named Operation Neptune.  D-Day was originally planned for June 5th but due to weather conditions in France was put off until the 6th June, the next day.

This great invasion of Nazi-Occupied land took place in two parts, the first of which was the air assault of 24,000 British, American, Canadian and free French troops.  Then came the amphibious landing of allied infantry and armour.  The allied forces had this well thought out as they had two decoy operations, Operation Glimmer and Operation Taxable.

Into the Jaws of Death

The Normandy coast was divided into 5 beaches for the assault.  Omaha, Juno, Sword, Utah and Gold Beach. The most famous of these beaches that was assaulted on that day is Omaha Beach.  Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces was General Dwight Eisenhower while overall command of ground forces was given to General Bernard Montgomery.


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