Nintendo Conference at E3

I’m watching the conference live here:

Here Mr. Miyamoto is on stage now.

He is talking about the Wii U hardware.

Shigeru Miyamoto has now released Pikmin 3 for the Wii U.  Nintendo fans will be happy with this.

We can see now that the Wii U has enhanced Pikmin by so much as you can play it without using your TV screen.  “Its a all new Pikmin game.”  The game is also improved by the better screen quality provided by the Wii U.

Shigeru Miyamoto is offstage and Reggie Fils-Amis is on, welcoming us to the Nokia Centre in LA and the Nintendo Conference.

Wii U changes your gaming, how you interact with your gaming friends and how you use your TV. – paraphrased from Reggie.

We are told about Nintendo All-Access at

We are told of the Wii U gamepad and Asometric gameplay.  The person with the gamepad is in control.  The hardware will support 2 separate gamepads just like hardware in the past.

They are now showing us the video of how the Wii U gamepad works and the controls on the game-pad.  It looks amazing from here.  The gamepad even has accelleromator and gyro.

It can also allow us to speak to other people playing the games with built in speakers in the game-pad.

Now Nintendo is allowing Mii’s to communicate with each other and allow you to talk to your Mii’s.  “Mii-verse” will be integrated into gameplay.

There is a new Super Mario Brothers being released now and we are getting a demo of this game.

I have to go now, i’m sorry I can’t continue but I will post a summary after the conference is over.  Enjoy E3 guys.


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