Microsoft SmartGlass is Announced at E3

The first announcement at E3 was Microsoft’s introduction of SmartGlass.  SmartGlass gives users of Android devices, Windows Phone and iOS devices the ability to sync content across devices.  You could be watching a movie on your XBox 360, pause it and then continue watching on your Android Tablet.  It also works with games. If you are playing Halo on your XBox 360 and you encounter a ship.  On your Windows Phone you can view schematics for the ship that you have seen in the game.

Personally I think that this is just Microsoft trying to catch up with Nintendo.  They are trying to create a Wii U-like console with the tablet devices that people already own.  Also, the function that allows you to stream content across your devices sounds quite familiar.  Is this actually new technology or is this Microsoft marketing it as a new product.  I am not totally sure about Apple TV but can you not do that with AirPlay on your Apple devices (I’m not sure I may be wrong, I do not use AirPlay very often).

What do you think ?  A new venture in the tech industry or a rip-off of Nintendo and Apple ?



2 thoughts on “Microsoft SmartGlass is Announced at E3

  1. Summed it up brilliantly with “or a rip-off of Nintendo” Typical of Microsoft. Won’t surpize me if Sony suddenly announces the same sort of idea..

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