Champions League Final

This was the night every Chelsea and Bayern Munich fan has been waiting for.  Bayern fans have been waiting for 13 years so they can redeem themselves after the Champions League Final of 1999.  Chelsea fans have been waiting to get their hands on the illustrious trophy.

Tonight at Bayern Munich’s stadium both teams went face-to-face.

First half analysis:  Not much happened

Second half analysis:  Firstly Thomas Muller scored for Bayern at 83 minutes but then at 88 minutes Chelsea’s (not so) secret weapon, Didier Drogba, scored to take the final into extra time (couldn’t have been scripted)

Extra time came after when Drogba, still the centre of attention, took down Frank Ribéry inside the box and gave away a penalty.  Robben, the wonder boy for Bayern, stepped up but Peter Cech saved.  As there were no more goals penalties was next.

Chelsea’s first penalty was saved by keeper Manuel Neuer.  Neuer was on some real form as he also took an scored a penalty to put Munich ahead.  Lampard also scored a penalty.  The big upset was that Bastian Schweinsteiger, the man who loves Bayern Munich, missed his penalty which left it wide open for Chelsea to win it.   The final penalty after Schweinsteiger’s was Drogba.  He calmly stepped up and easily scored.  Well done Didier, you made Chelsea FC history.

Chelsea won 4-3 on penalties and celebrations began (with Chelsea) and tears began to flow (on both sides).

Sorry Bayern (once again) maybe next year (as long as you don’t get an English club in the final :))

Congratulations to Chelsea You have waited quite a while for this so I am genuinely glad that you won it.  Another name etched on the trophy.


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