Life of A Web Developer

Over the Easter holidays I was asked to come and work in the Northern Ireland Science Park. I was working at Astute Labs in this Innovation Centre. It was a great two days which were thoroughly enjoyed.

I am very thankful for meeting those who I did, for meeting Rick Johnston, Mark Goody, Heidi Kirk, and Colin and Mark. Also for Andrew Gribben who was mostly teaching me about the life of a web developer and app designer.

I was taught many things but what stands out most in my head are:

1. V-Host – Mr. Mark Goody gave me a “2 minute summary” of what a virtual host is and a very artistic diagram was provided by Andrew Gribben.

2. Blog – One of the projects that was created was the blog that you are reading now. This also meant that I was taught how WordPress works.

3. I was also taught how to install MYSQL, enable Apache, PHP and Sequel Pro.

4. The last part of the last two days that stands out for me is having to drink coffee – and thinking that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Overall I had a great two days and would love to meet all of the workers at Astute Labs again.


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