We’ve Lost the Men

Rules-to-Always-Being-a-Gentleman2As I have grown older and (in my eyes at least) matured a little over the past few months and years i’ve noticed things change.  At the minute, courtship, marriage and manhood has been engrained in my mind.  They intrigue me greatly!  I feel I need to know about these things as I grow older in age and greater in maturity.  I’ve noticed many preachers tell us that we have lost Biblical manhood, we have lost chivalry, we have lost the gentlemen.

So I felt I should stick my thoughts down and maybe, just maybe it will benefit you men as we face 2015 and the challenges it may hold.  What follows are my thoughts on what I should aspire to be and am working towards in my own life.  Here are a few things we guys can do our lady friends  to gain back the ground that we have lost relating being a man/gentleman.

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Persevere in Prayer

Over the past week nights the Free Presbyterian Church as a whole, from Ulster and North America met at the quadrennial International Congress.  The venue was Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church, Belfast, N Ireland and the recurring theme, The Call to Battle, The Christian Armour: The Key to Successful Christian Living.

Throughout the week five very able speakers took to the Pulpit before a large congregation of eager listeners.  The one night which I want to home in on is the final night, Friday 27th June 2014.  On that night Rev John Greer, moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church’s Ulster Presbytery gave the final message of the Congress under the title The Prayers and Perseverance in the Battle.

Therefore, as it is based on a sermon preached by Rev. Greer, I can take no credit but would rather like to share what was said as I felt it was an exceptional sermon.

The reading was found in Ephesians 6 and the text could be seen as verses 18-20.

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Book – Louis Berkhof Systematic Theology


Background to Berkhof

Louis Berkhof (1873-1957) was born in the Netherlands, and his family moved to Grand Rapids when he was 9.

He graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary and Princeton Theological College.  He then returned to Calvin Theological College as part of the faculty.  He later became president of the Seminary.  He is most well known for his famous book, Systematic Theology.  

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Characteristics of God – Justice


Justice is probably the most fearsome of the Characteristics of God.  God, as he must be perfect and totally just in every way must punish sins.  This is a fearsome characteristic as there is a place called Hell prepared as a place set apart as a place where God carries out his Justice.  God is the only way of access to Heaven and peace otherwise there will be the full justice of God put upon any who does not believe.  This does not last for weeks, months or years just as jail sentences but those who do not put faith in Christ will be sentenced to Hell, the place of damnation, forever.

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Characteristics of God – Love

God has many Characteristics, He is the perfect being and therefore all of the characteristics are flawless and perfect in every conceivable way.  The first characteristic we will look at is His Love.  He was there before time itself, what a staggering thought which our finite minds cannot even comprehend.  If only we could gain a staggering 1% of the knowledge of God and his Characteristics we would be able to walk so close to Him and prove Him to others in our lives.  We would know to give Him the Glory because nothing is of ourselves – EVER !  Love is one of the most prominent of the Characteristics of God.  We all know that “God is Love” but how can we prove this.  Throughout the Bible God has shown us His love but in no greater way than through Calvary.  There are many aspects of greatness to the Love of God as His love is “so great, so vast and yet so free.”

We will be looking at three aspects of this awesome love.  His love is the eternal, boundless and constant love.

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Characteristics of God

There are many Characteristics of God which have been revealed unto us through the Bible.  From here on over the next while there will be a series of posts on some of the Characteristics of God.  As a short introduction to this series of posts I would just like to state why this is so important.  When we become Christians one thing that we should be day-by-day is to grow more like Christ.  The best way to grow to become more like Christ is to know what He is like.  How can we be like someone we know nothing about.  This will not be extremely in-depth as it is a study of my own which I am sharing with you and I hope that the thought of the God we have blows you away just like it does for me.  The first post should be uploaded soon and if you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the posts in the series you can subscribe to our e-mail or search the category Bible Study or the Tag Characteristics.

I hope you are spoken to through the upcoming series which will hopefully begin very soon.

Before the Most Important Judge

One very special verse, Matthew 25 verse 46, says “And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.”  This shows us simply that there is either “everlasting punishment” or “life eternal.”  The choice is yours.

I don’t want to go to “Everlasting Punishment” !  

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New Directions

No, this is not a promotion of the cast of Glee.  I have decided that I am both not posting enough and also not posting in one direction.  As a Christian, this being the greatest aspect of my life I believe that the best direction to go is to point this blog towards God.  This does not mean that if any other major events happen I will pass over them but generally God should be the emphasis of this blog from now on.

Decisions, Decisions !!

Throughout life we all make many decisions, some more important than others ?  Drink tea or don’t drink tea ?  Go to uni for 5 years of my life ?  etc.  Those larger decisions may be life changing, but there are bigger decisions to be made, decisions which affect more than life.

Some have to make life and death decisions and I am thinking about the same?  Every decision you make starts off with a question.  This one is n0 different:

Life and Death

“What think ye of Christ ?” – These famous words have been echoed throughout history.  This question DEMANDS a decision and the answer cannot be put off, indeed the question is “for such a time as this” and demands an immediate answer.

2 Ways to Go

With many decisions there are only two answers.  Once again, this applies to my question !  If I ask you “What think ye of Christ ?”  you can either answer saying you will accept him or you will reject him. This question will also have very serious implications, one answer leads to everlasting life, the other leads to everlasting death.

Making the Right Choice ?

The majority of people on earth want to go to Heaven and have that everlasting life, and most people will tell you they are going there  but some .. have just put off answering this pressing question !  The way to make the right choice is to accept Jesus as THE Saviour, put all your Faith in Him and trust him and he will forgive and take you to Heaven WHEN you die !

When asked What think ye of Christ ?  Just remember, He DIED for YOU !  He gave His all for you so you could go to a better place and all He asks in return is for you to trust Him and he will keep you safe, pick you up when you fall and keep you walking in the right direction.

Food for Thought ?!?

Today, a past pupil from my school, Johnny Ward (One Step 4 Ward), came into speak to us about his life, past and present.  He give us a very motivational speech about not conforming to what our other friends do and not going along with decisions your friends make which will make such an impact on your future life!

This is so unbelievably true !  When I was choosing my GCSE’s I picked one subject in particular (geography) simply because all of my friends were doing geography.  I HATED geography (and still do) and so I didn’t try in my GCSE (I’m not saying don’t try in GCSE’s, please try your best) and that is because I only choose the subject as other friends was doing it.  This was a terrible mistake !  I wasted around 5-6 classes per week which could have been used more productively instead of wasting time in a class that I didn’t want to be in.

This got me thinking, outside of school do we do the same ?  I’m really asking about peer-pressure, we may be giving in to it but we really shouldn’t.  The famous author, Mark Twain was quoted saying “whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”  Chances are, you aren’t the only one giving into peer pressure and following the crowd.  If the majority does it, it is probably a little “shadowy” and something to consider doing before you go in without thinking about it.

Before you go and do something because others are doing it, stop, think, re-think and then decide, is it worth possibly affecting the rest of my life just because my friends are doing it and just because they are doing it is it necessarily right ?

Ulster Says No !!

On 28th September 1912 a multitude of people descended on many towns and cities across (at this time) the north of Ireland.  They all came with one accord, for only one purpose.  They came to sign the Ulster Solemn League and Covenant and for Women the Ulster Declaration.  You may be now asking (if you don’t know anything about the Ulster Covenant) why did it need to be signed ?

The Ulster Covenant was a declaration in opposition to the Third Home Rule Bill which would mean that all of the Island of Ireland would be ruled by Dublin.  There would be no union between modern Northern Ireland and the rest of Britain.  For the Protestants of Northern Ireland this would mean the end to religious liberties which are so pivotal to the Protestants and Christians in Northern Ireland.

Lord Edward Carson was a man from Dublin who was one of the very best men in the Country concerning law.  Between him and Sir James Craig the anti-home rule movement began.

There were thousands of men and women who signed the Covenant and Declaration, stating that they were willing to put their lives on the line to save Ulster.  The UVF was then formed and soon after the 36th Ulster Division.  They fought alongside the Irish division who fought at the Somme and died bravely for their country.  A famous quote about the Ulster Men at the Somme in 1916 who signed that covenant only 4 years later said:

“I am not an Ulsterman but yesterday, the 1st. July, as I followed their amazing attack, I felt that I would rather be an Ulsterman than anything else in the world.” (Cpt Wilfred Spender, 2 July 1916)

The Passing of Neil Armstrong

Sadly, today Neil Armstrong, the first man to ever touch the moon has passed away at the age of 82.

He was born in August 1930 and from that day grew into a great man who was a household name for many years.  Neil Armstrong was a Navy pilot that began his long journey into the history books when he joined the U.S. Air Force’s Man In Space Soonest in 1958.

His most famous words were probably these:

“One Small Step For Man.  One giant leap for mankind.”

Armstong underwent surgery on Aug. 7 for blocked coronary arteries before passing away this morning.

His family released the following statement announcing his passing.

We are heartbroken to share the news that Neil Armstrong has passed away following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures.

Neil was our loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend.

Neil Armstrong was also a reluctant American hero who always believed he was just doing his job. He served his Nation proudly, as a navy fighter pilot, test pilot, and astronaut. He also found success back home in his native Ohio in business and academia, and became a community leader in Cincinnati.

He remained an advocate of aviation and exploration throughout his life and never lost his boyhood wonder of these pursuits.

As much as Neil cherished his privacy, he always appreciated the expressions of good will from people around the world and from all walks of life.

While we mourn the loss of a very good man, we also celebrate his remarkable life and hope that it serves as an example to young people around the world to work hard to make their dreams come true, to be willing to explore and push the limits, and to selflessly serve a cause greater than themselves.

For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request. Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink.

Neil Armstrong 1930 – 2012

Death of the Physical Keyboard ?

Lately, I have been thinking about this a lot.  Is there ever going to be a time that we will not be using physical keyboards?  Will we need a physical keyboard in years to come ?

Smartphones and Tablets

The phone that i am using is a Sony Ericsson W205 from 2009.  Most of my friends own iPhones or Android phones.  I and a chosen few (not very many at all) other friends still have physical keyboards on our phones.  Since 2009 smartphones have taken over.  Physical keyboards are so 2009, out of fashion, whatever you want to call it.  Most Smartphones (every smartphone other than Blackberry’s) use virtual keyboards.  Phones will not be moving back to physical keyboards now that almost everyone loves virtual keyboards and those who don’t will have to get used to it in a few years.

Tablets are the same !  You can connect a keyboard via bluetooth to your iPad or buy a case with a keyboard but the majority of time you type on the screen.  We will not be seeing tablets with built in physical keyboards (otherwise it would be called a touchscreen laptop).  One major point of a tablet is that you don’t have to bring a keyboard making your device thinner when storing etc.


Now we are seeing more and more computers which are touchscreen, maybe killing both the keyboard and the mouse but that is for another time.


On smartphones and also since OS X Mountain Lion on Mac dictation has taken over.  I have dictated some of this post.  Dictation is still a young technology, it has come a long way in the past year but there is still so much to update.  There are many things that can be improved but eventually dictation may kill every type of keyboard.

Dictation doesn’t also have to be used for a replacement for typing only but also as your personal assistant as Apple’s Siri has shown us on the iPhone 4s and will do on the new iPad when iOS 6 is released later this year.


Some problems with dictation are:

1.  Not everyone’s voice is the same.  There have been complaints that in Scotland dictation doesn’t work because of the Scottish accent.  This will be improved in the future and we will be able to use dictation in every country by every person, we just need some more time to evolve the technology.

2.  It doesn’t always listen.  Sometimes when using dictation it misses some words and if you do not see that in time it could make a mess of your important document or spreadsheet.  This can be a major problem for those people who use dictation a lot and/or do not look at what is being typed when you dictate.  I am sure it will be fixed in time.

The Future & Conclusion

I believe that in the future we will be using dictation for everything.  We have seen with Siri that we can set appointments on our calendars etc with dictation and also instead of typing we can talk to our devices and it will do what we say.  This is going to be the future when voice dictation improves but we will not see dictation kill the keyboard int eh next year but maybe it will take 10 years to perfect this technology but it will happen, eventually !

Enjoy Dictating !

The Most Valuable Company in HISTORY

Throughout the ages there have been many valuable companies.  Some examples are Coca Cola, worth $146,858 million, Microsoft, worth $202,754 million but now reigning at the top of the most valuable company today and indeed EVER in history is (drum roll please):


This morning (Monday 20 August) there was a huge surge in Apple stock prices.  Apple’s market cap value has surpassed the record set by Microsoft in December 1999 of $618.89 billion by some billion more (we are not sure yet how many more billion they are ahead).

Apple Stocks at 11:55 am this morning (EDT time)

Blessing Among The Youth

As you may have noticed there have been no posts on this website for the past week or more, this is because I was at a Christian Youth Camp.  There were many activities to take part in over the week which included archery, canoeing, wall climbing and others but the main reason for this camp was to have fellowship with other youth and to fellowship with God.

This year I have heard of one young person getting saved and one person being restored unto Christ, his first love once again !

There were daily devotionals and meetings.  The theme throughout the week was “Jonah – Running From God, Us – Running For God”

Here we learnt that Jonah was running from Gods will.  If we do this we will not get any blessing.  Also, Jonah had to be brought back.  God will bring us back either the easy way or the hard way.  He will bring us back Kicking and Screaming or we can come quietly back to our first love, Christ !

1.  Why do Christians run from God ?  

1.  They don’t want to Obey Gods commandments and the Bible

2.  They don’t want to work for God but only make life better for themselves.

3.  They are outside Gods will for their life therefore God is not with them and so they have no reason to want to work for Him as they are not walking right with God.

2.  You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

God used nature and also the ungodly people on the same boat as Jonah to bring him back to God.  Everything in the book of Jonah apart from Jonah obeyed God.  God sent the fish.  He made the sailers push Jonah overboard.  God sent the wind which woke Jonah from his spiritual sleep.

3.  Repent

Repent or God WILL bring you back.

Acknowledge that you have sinned.

Come back to God

Enemies of the Christian

1.  The World – James 4 v 4

2.  The Flesh – Galatians 5 v 18 – 25

3.  The Devil – Throughout the Bible (Matt 4 v 1, Acts 10 v 38, Rev 12 v 9 & 1 Peter 5 v 8 etc)

The Battle Plan Against Our Enemies

World – 1 John 4 v 4 “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world”

Flesh – Galatians 5 v 16 “Walk in the Spirit”

Devil – James 4 v 7 “Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Last week was a great week full of blessing.  The speakers were Mr. Ryan McKee and Rev. I Harris.  This past week has been a real blessing and I am thankful of those who got saved and restored back to God.

For Such A Time As This – Ask For Blessing and God Will Give it to You

A Call To Anguish

Today I have not been feeling so well, therefore I didn’t get to my church this morning.  Instead I was directed by a close friend to listen a sermon by the the late David Wilkerson from Time Square Church in New York USA.  The sermon is called “A Call To Anguish.”

It has got me thinking:

  • Is there true prayer in our Churches ?

There was once a minister who told his prayer meeting not to pray unless they knew that they were praying to the only true, almighty, all powerful God !  That is what we need.  Remember who we are praying for.  The strongest weapon in the Christians arsenal is the prayer.  “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit.”  (Ephesians 6 v 18).  In our prayers is there an anguish for souls to be saved, for the blessing of God almighty!  Is there an anguish or is there a concern for souls.  If we have concern we half-heartedly want souls saved.  If we anguish we will stop at nothing to save souls.  We will pour out our souls to God Almighty.  We will see souls saved and our churches renewed.

We must take all self and sin from our prayers.  We must remember times of great revival and pray for another of these great movements of almighty God in our own lands.  There may be revival in other countries around the world and we must thank God for that but what about ourselves ?  The revival has came to those other countries and churches because of their Anguish and crying out to God.

Let us go and “Pray without ceasing” for this is how people are saved, we pray for the Sprit of God to speak to souls and do not get discouraged because God will speak in His own time as he knows what will happen and will know the perfect time to speak.

  • Spare Time

This is a problem for me as well as others I know.  Do we let the Devil beat us in the battle for man soul throught the television.  Will we run away from God by staying at home and not working for Him when we know there are millions marching mindlessly to a lost eternity.

Think about it.  Those ones you love are going to a place where fire rules, a place which will be thrown into more fire, a place which keeps you from them.  They are going to Hell and what are you doing about it ?  What am I doing about it ?  In our guidebook, the Bible, if we look at Matthew 16 v 18 we read:

“And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  This verse says about the rock.  The rock is not Peter but the rock is Christ.  This is a mistake made by many people but in reality Christ is the rock, the foundation of the church, the rock which will test the ages of time.

Here we can also see where God has placed us.  We are at the Gates of Hell.  Our job is to take those marching towards Hell and turn them towards Heaven.  Therefore, are we doing our jobs ?  Let us go forward together and begin our work to keep those who are unsaved out of that terrible place where they are marching towards.

  • Are you Unsaved ?

If you are unsaved, you now know where you are marching towards.  You are not going to heaven if you are unsaved !  Doesn’t this frighten you ?  If you wait on, thinking you will “do a deal” with God YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.  I was no different from you before God saved me.  It says in the Bible: “There is none righteous” apart from Jesus Christ Himself.  But we are not only told that we are going to Hell but we are also told how to turn to Heaven.

To get to Heaven we have to “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.”  It may seem simple and it is.  You only have to believe.  God is the judge at the end of time.  He sent His son to pay the penalty that is yours.  He paid the penalty and now all He asks of you is to believe on Jesus who has set you free and you will be free indeed.  The price has been paid and now all you have to do is believe and then give your life to God and He will be there to help you through all of your life.  He will “never leave” you or “forsake you.”

Just think, someone (Christ) died for you and you have to repent of those sins you have committed and believe on Him to be able to win that ultimate prize of Heaven.

For Such A Time As This – We Need Anguish

PDC World Matchplay Preview

Once again the World Matchplay is upon us, and it is held in Blackpool.  This is a very prestigious event, one that if you win can shoot you up the rankings very quickly.  The players are the top 16 in the Order of Merit and the top 16 (who are not already in the Order of Merit Top 16) floor players.

Shocks ?

There is always a chance of a shock or two.  My prediction for the biggest upset this year is either:

1.  World No. 4 Gary Anderson being put out in Round 1  by PDC New-be Dean Winstanley.  Deano has been in the PDC for a short time but he is still making amazing progress for being here less than a year.  He is a player to be feared and to watch in the future.  He is only around 30 so he has a long future ahead of him if he can keep up what he is doing.  Gary Anderson has also had eye surgery lately which may effect his playing ability at the World Matchplay.  The Flying Scotsman has been having it rough lately through passing away of family members and injuries but still he is No. 4 in the World, and also a Major winner, but he has never done well at the World Matchplay with his best being going out in Round 2, could everything be to much for the Scot ?  Maybe so, we will have to wait and see.

2.  Robert Thornton vs Adrian Lewis in Round 1.

The Thorn is on good form now so this should be one match to watch closely.  Robert Thornton is riding it high after his shock win over Phil Taylor in the UK Open.  Since then he has been a Thorn in the side of every opponent which has had the pleasure to play him.  Adrian Lewis has been getting a lot of abuse on Twitter lately as he doesn’t go to enough Pro-Tour events and he isn’t playing well they say.  Adrian Lewis is playing fine, he knows how to win (he showed us that in the Worlds 2 years in a row).  He also has a good record against Thronton beating him 8 times out of 10 matches between the two.

Other Interesting Matches

Simon Whitlock vs Michael Van Gerwin

This match is very hard to call.  Simon has more experience and his higher ranked in the world but when MVG is playing well he is literally unstoppable.  These two met in a a Pro Tour event final a few weeks ago where MVG was playing his amazing game and Simon lost.  The whole match depends on who shows up.  Will it be amazing MVG ?  Or substandard MVG?  That is the question!

Wes Newton vs James Hubbard

Wes Newton has hit a bad patch lately, going out of floor events in the first few rounds, unlike usual where he reaches the semis or quarters.  James Hubbard, the young-gun (who doesn’t have a nickname yet), has won both the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship an the PDC Youth Tour England events.  In the World Youth Championship he beat Michael Van Gerwin in the final (MVG’s last year in PDC Youth).  Newton is from Blackpool, could this be the fact that spurs him on to find some form and win the whole event or will young Hubbard prevail over No 5 in the World ?

Every match should be interesting but these are the two which stand out in my mind as matches which we will be sitting on the edge of our seats anticipating the results.

Format of the Matchplay (Best of …)

Round 1 – 19

Round 2 – 25

Quarter Final – 31

Semi Final – 33

Final – 35

First Round Schedule

Saturday July 21
7.10pm Paul Nicholson v Andy Smith
8.00pm Terry Jenkins v Kim Huybrechts
9.00pm Adrian Lewis v Robert Thornton
10.00pm Raymond van Barneveld v Michael Smith

Sunday July 22
7.10pm Mark Walsh v Colin Osborne
8.00pm Kevin Painter v Steve Beaton
9.00pm James Wade v Richie Burnett
10.00pm Simon Whitlock v Michael van Gerwen

Monday July 23
7.10pm Andy Hamilton v Brendan Dolan
8.00pm Vincent van der Voort v Ian White
9.00pm Phil Taylor v Mervyn King
10.00pm Mark Webster v Colin Lloyd

Tuesday July 24
7.10pm Justin Pipe v Joe Cullen
8.00pm Wes Newton v James Hubbard
9.00pm Gary Anderson v Dean Winstanley
10.00pm Dave Chisnall v Ronnie Baxter

In Memory of RMS Carpathia (1903 – 1918)


As we all know, this is the centenary year of the sinking of the Titanic (100 years as of April past).  In Northern Ireland, where Titanic was built and we are not afraid to tell the world we made something that actually worked (for a while), there was a great hype and build up to April.  A visitor centre was built along with a signature piece (Titanic Museum).


“What is this post actually about ?”  “Don’t be stupid, 1918?  The Titanic sank in 1912!”  I hear you cry from the roof-tops (if you want to share with a friend this website I would be more than happy :))  Well on 17th July 1918 RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Carpathia was sank by the German U-Boat, U55.

Helping with The Titanic

This very ship was one ship which rescued the drowning people from the freezing Atlantic waters after the Titanic had “went down.”  The crew of this ship lifted 710 drowning passengers.  The crew were later awarded by the passengers that were saved, each crew member getting a medal or reward for helping the passengers.

World War 1

During the First World War RMS Carpathia was used to transport the American and Canadian troops over to Europe to help with the war effort.  Among her passengers during the war years was Frank Buckles, who went on to become the last surviving American veteran of the war.


On July 15th RMS Carpathia left Liverpool to set sail for Boston, USA in a convoy.  At 09:15, on 17th July RMS Carpathia was torpedoed by the German U-Boat, U55.  Of 3 fired torpedoes 1 penetrated the ship, straight into the engine room and the other two missed.

There were 57 passengers and 218 crew.  Captain William Prothero gave the order to abandon ship.  The crew and passengers survived.  After the ship was abandoned the U-Boat fired a 3rd torpedo and then began making its way over to the lifeboats filled with crew and passengers.  It never got to the lifeboats as HMS Snowdrop (a Fleet Sweeping Vessel commissioned by the Royal Navy during WW1).

Finding the Wreckage

The remains of RMS Carpathia was found in 2000 by  American author and diver Clive Cussler.

Battle of Social Networks

Social networking has become a very popular thing to do in the past few years.  We see large companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others but which one is the best ? Which one is most user-friendly ?


Facebook is the largest social networking site ever.  It was not the first but it is certainly the biggest and many would say it is the best.  Facebook are continually changing things up, introducing timelines (which a lot of people, including myself, hate).  Facebook is the standard which has been set to judge all other social networks on, the question is:  Do the rest match up ?

Background & Overview

Facebook was launched by 4 Harvard University students in February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO), Eduardo Saverin (CFO), Dustin Moskovitz (chief technology officer and vice president of engineering) and Chris Hughes.  Facebook (then called The Facebook) was then helped along by Sean Parker (CEO of Napster).

The Facebook was origionally only for students at Harvard University but then spread out to Yale, Stanford and other Universities in the USA and then went global and (as of April 2012) has 901 million users who have registered with facebook.

You can message people, have video calls with friends, get your own facebook e-mail address and more than that also.

We have seen that it is popular but why ?  Facebook is Addictive !!  Once you join you won’t leave for a long time as so much has been introduced such as mini-games on Facebook.

Now they have went onto the stockmarket.  This hasn’t been the greatest success for Facebook but they will survive.

Facebook has been called the best, it has also been called the industry standard so lets see how others stack up against Facebook.


Twitter is the second most popular social network for some very good reasons, the main being it is brilliant.  Who doesn’t want to know what Piers Morgan had for breakfast ?

We live in a world where everyone wants an instant update on what is going on and Twitter gives us this.  If you want to know the latest update on your favourite sport but you can’t watch it i’m sure someone is doing minute-by-minute tweets and that is what I love about Twitter.

Background & Overview

Twitter was founded by 4 people, Jack Dorsey (Executive Chairman), Noah Glass (software developer and man who came up with the name), Evan Williams (Director) and Biz Stone (Creative Director).  The concept of Twitter was first called “Obvious” which was soon changed to twitter.  The CEO of Twitter is Dick Costolo.

It has been around since July 2006 and lately has been  gaining more and more users so (since April 2012) it has 500 million users.

Twitter is a form of micro-blogging so you don’t need your website only Twitter and the ability to vent your thoughts and opinions in 140 words.

Personally, I like Twitter better than Facebook.  The only thing I use Facebook for is  as a messenger which is why on my iPad I have the Facebook Messenger app but not the official Facebook app.  I don’t want Facebook I want a universal messenger service which all my friends use.  Twitter also has messages which I use a lot but Twitter is so much more user-friendly as everything is not scattered all over the place, the layout is simple and it is easy to use.


Hashtags are great.  They are an easy way of expressing how you feel.  #Ilovetwitter #grrr (I use that one a lot) and there are others.  They are usually one or 2 hashtags every day which are trending world-wide meaning everyone is using this hashtag so you can see what everyone thinks about #JusinBeiber or someone / something else


Tweeps rule, fact !

I think Twitter is better than Facebook although it is not as popular (yet).

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Google + is a baby social network as it was launched in 2011 but it is a big hit already as 250 million people have already signed up (as of June 2012).

It is another branch of Google (you couldn’t have guessed that) which is starting to pick up some speed and start taking users from Facebook and others.

Google+ Diet

This is a new phase people are going through at the minute where they only post on Google+.  They are stopping themselves from Tweeting, posting on Facebook and anything else, only using Google+.

Google+ is a great social network as you can “circle” people who you think will want to read what you “share” but I think it is almost trying too hard to be something it is not, it is trying too hard to be the new Facebook.

Twitter has taken a different approach to social networking to Facebook but Google+ hasn’t it has tried to hard to be Facebook and make money off it.


I do not think Google+ will ever be or beat Facebook or Twitter.

Overall conclusion

To conclude I believe the Social Network which has won is:



I believe Twitter is the easiest to use, has less add-ons which are not really necessary to the true meaning of social networking and its User Interface (the way it looks) is more appealing than Facebook.  It has a cleaner User Interface.

What About The Rest RyanW300 ?

Well, these 3 social networks are the ones I know most about and I use most.  There are more popular social networks (more popular than Google+) such as MySpace and the recently deceased Bebo.

MySpace are now older than most others and some may say that they are outdated but yet they are very popular but they are for a very specialized users as MySpace is mostly for musicians.

This post was for the main Social Networks and the Social Network which I believe will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.